PPIO Edge Cloud Products Portfolio
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We can deliver the highest standard products globally to meet your demands.
Based on and fully compatible with native Kubernetes, eContainer can provide container-centered management services. It has the functions of security isolation, high resource utilization, second-level flexibility, light operation and maintenance, and gray-scale release. It supports unified orchestration and rapid service access, and can help users easily realize cloud-edge integration and collaboration.
Edge Heterogeneity
Aiming at the heterogeneous network environment, an intelligent scheduling algorithm is designed to ensure that the business is not affected by the complexity of the environment.
Cloud-Edge Collaboration
The edge orchestration architecture based on Kubernetes can connect edge computing and cloud services and achieve cloud-edge integration and collaboration.
Use Agile
Support console and API management, container creation in second-level, flexible expansion, flexible start and stop.
Nearby Service
Our edge servers are closer to the user and can provide low-latency and high-bandwidth services nearby.
eBareMetal provides you with high-performance, secure and isolated physical servers dedicated to the cloud, which can be delivered quickly. It is suitable for high-bandwidth, edge computing, edge storage and other scenarios, and sinks resources to the nearest edge nodes, effectively reducing computing delay and cost.
High Performance
The bare metal server provides the physical machine, which is completely exclusive and has high computing performance in the true sense.
Nearby Service
Our edge servers are closer to the user and can provide low-latency and high-bandwidth services nearby.
Global Coverage
There are a large number of optional edge nodes, which can cover a variety of choices from all over the prefecture-level cities and three major operators in China, and the number of combinations can reach hundreds.
Customizable physical servers of transmission, calculation and storage type can be provided according to the business requirements.
eCDN is the combination of PPIO eContainer and CDN to the next generation content distribution platform. We can provide customers with nearby and highly reliable edge nodes through our massive edge nodes and eCDN intelligent scheduling algorithm to reduce the cost.
Through intelligent scheduling algorithm, the requested content is distributed from edge nodes, which improves the hit rate and reduces the bandwidth cost.
Massive Edge Nodes
These massive edge nodes covering all prefecture-level cities across the country can support the massive concurrent requests during the peak period, and calmly cope with the traffic peak of the internet platform.
Intelligent Scheduling
Multi-dimensional algorithm strategies are adopted to automatically and accurately allocate node resources in combination with user requirements to ensure resources can be used efficiently and sufficiently.
Extreme Acceleration
Using multipoint transmission and weak network anti-packet loss technology, the stutter in weak network environment is greatly improved compared with traditional CDN.
eLive is to transcode and distribute live streaming at edge nodes close to the customer, and supports edge distribution of high-concurrency real-time bullet chat, which reduces the pressure on the center and can save more than 30% of the center bandwidth cost. At the same time, it can provide low network latency, improve user experience and support flexible expansion.
The video and bullet chat content distributions are provided at the edge of network closer to terminals, thereby reducing the bandwidth cost.
Edge Transcoding
The streaming is pushed to the edge node by streamers and transcoded here, which can reduce the computing pressure of the central server.
Flexible Expansion
eLive based on PPIO’s cloud native platform can cope with peak traffic and can be automatically expanded.
Real-time Interaction
The metropolitan area network data center established by regional partners at all levels, covering all operations in China, has stable services, massive resource reserves and can allocate the most cost-effective resource according to customer needs.
eGame completes the calculation of cloud games at the edge side, so that can reduce the average processing delay, and can cope with high concurrent requests through massive edge nodes, allowing players to play games anywhere and anytime on any devices.
Low Latency
With the help of massive edge nodes, which are close to the end user, the low-latency rendering effect required by cloud games can be achieved.
Comprehensive Resource Coverage
The edge nodes covering all prefecture-level cities and three major operators in China, the ultimate GPU virtualization rendering and coding capabilities help customers to quickly deploy cloud game service within all operators nationwide.
Safe and Reliable
We provide varieties of security services to protect customers’ business. We don’t store any customer data, and guarantee the customer’s ownership and control of their data.
Flexible Expansion
Support massive concurrency in peak period, and can be flexibly and automatically expanded with the change of business requirements.
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