PPIO Edge Cloud
Gather global computing resources and serve all mankind
A Highly Distrusted Edge Cloud
Edge Cloud computing: referred to as edge cloud for short, it is a cloud computing platform based on the core and edge computing capabilities of cloud computing technology and built on edge infrastructure, it can provide comprehensive capabilities such as computing, network, storage, security, etc. at the edge, and form the technical framework of “cloud-edge collaboration” with the central cloud. By putting network forwarding, storage, calculation, intelligent data analysis and other functions on the edge nodes for processing, it can reduce the response time delay, the central cloud pressure, and the bandwidth cost, and can provide cloud services such as network-wide scheduling and computing power distribution.
Why us?
Low Latency
Through intelligent scheduling, data processing is decentralized, so that data collection and processing are closer to the user side, which greatly reduces the transmission delay.
High Bandwidth
Regional edge nodes have more local bandwidth and computing power, so that can handle high-concurrency and high-bandwidth real-time data processing.
Wide Distribution
The metropolitan area network data center established by regional partners at all levels, covering all operations in China, has stable services, massive resource reserves and can allocate the most cost-effective resource according to customer needs.
Cloud Native
The large-scale edge orchestration architecture based on Kubernetes can realize the flexible deployment and business compatibility of cloud-edge integration and collaboration.
Application Scenarios
Support audio and video on-demand acceleration, live streaming acceleration, webpage acceleration, etc.​
Real-Time Communication​
Support online education, voice interactive live streaming and e-commerce live streaming.
Cloud Rendering
Support cloud desktop, cloud monitoring and cloud mobile phone​
Distributed Audio and Video Service​
Support distributed transcoding, Cloud game, AR/VR.​
Edge AI
Support smart transportation, smart home, intelligent security and simultaneous interpretation.​
Edge Serverless Service
Support web crawler, dial test and pressure test.
PPIO’s edge cloud resources distributed across the country
At present, there are micro data centers and distributed computing resources in more than 1000 cities and regions in China, which can provide eBareMetal, and eContainer at the edge of network nationwide, as well as edge computing services such as CDN, audio and video live streaming and transcoding, application performance monitoring, AI computing reasoning and cloud game rendering based on distributed cloud native architecture.
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